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What equipment is required for shooting?

It might surprise you but in the sport of small-bore target shooting there is a lot more kit required other than a rifle, ammunition and a target.

The following is a list of the basic equipment required (shown in photo):


     (1)      Rifle – well this is the point of the sport

     (2)      Ammunition – this is to put the holes in the target

     (3)      Jacket – this is stiff and supports and pads the body  

     (4)      Sling – is connected between your arm and the rifle for support

     (5)      Glove – one only, this helps pad your hand against the weight of the rifle

     (6)      Mat – we generally shoot in the prone (laying down) position, the mat helps 

     (7)      Ear Defenders - even small-bore rifles make some noise, and it is close to your ear  


  These are the items that you will require from the beginning, but do not worry as a beginner the club can provide access to all the equipment that is needed to take up the sport together with the training to use it all.


What is also shown in the picture (è) is a set of shooting glasses. If you require glasses we will endeavour to use your own for as long as we can before you need to spend money on this item. You will learn very early that in the prone position your glasses will not be in the correct position to look through the rifle sites clearly, but we can get over this.


As you improve and start shooting competitively and start looking after your own kit additional items will be required, such as:


     (8)           Scope – the targets are quite small and at a distance, the scope helps see scores

     (9)           Stop watch – competitions are usually run as timed events

    (10)        Rifle case – to help protect your rifle when it is being transported

                  Cleaning kit – shooting will leave residues in your rifle, it is important to keep it clean

                  Kit bag – to carry all the other pieces of kit


The Club equipment is provided free of charge, apart from the ammunition, for the use of members for as long as they like. The only time we will push for a member to spend money on their own kit is when the Club kit may be needed by a new beginner.


The kit is limited and is very general. You will find that shooters will make allsorts of adaptations to their equipment, within the rules of the sport, so that it fits better and improves their shooting. This cannot be done in any great way with the Club equipment so over time as the new shooter improves they will buy the different pieces as required.


The last piece of equipment that we expect anyone to buy is the rifle, even after they have finished their probationary period and have become a full member we will not push them to get their Firearms Certificate which will enable them to buy and carry the rifle and ammunition.




The Author using the equipment

(You are doing it right arn't you coach?)



As said previously as a Club we do not wish to push new members into spending money until they are ready, however for consistency, comfort and accuracy you will eventually need to buy equipment that will fit and suit you.


Do not rush out and buy what you think is right. Seek advice, talk to your Coach and other members to see what is available. In recent years there has been a major increase in the type and numbers of suppliers and manufacturers of shooting equipment available in the UK. When you look down the firing point on a Club night or especially if you are able to see an Open Shoot, where there will be more people, you will be very surprised at all the differences.


Though a lot of this equipment can be expensive it is important to remember that most of it will last you for a great number of years. It is also possible to find equipment second-hand.


A new rifle can cost anything from £1200 - £3000 +, however a good second hand one can be bought for as little as £500. Again talk to your Coach and other members they may have or know about equipment for sale.

























This additional piece of Kit is not normally required.

(This only happened during the photo-shoot Molly is not normally on the range during shooting)