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You are all welcome to the Phoenix Rifle Club and the sport of Target Shooting.

We are a small friendly club dedicated to the sport of Target Shooting and are situated at the Bedfordshire County Range near Dunstable, Bedfordshire. 

We filelist.xmlspecifically shoot .22 Long Rifle (LR) prone, and are very lucky that we shoot on the Bedfordshire County Range that gives us access over the 3 distances of 25 yard short-range and 50 meter and 100 yard long-range.


We also have access to the 10 meter airgun range for both rifle and pistol.


We have members from all over the region from Milton Keynes to Hemel Hemsted and from Luton to Tring, we even have members who live in Yorkshire, Hampshire and Devon.

If you wish to know more please follow the various links and we hope all your questions will be answered 


Contacting the Club
If you are interested in taking part in the Sport or have questions about the Sport or our Club, please contact us by e-mail, with your details or question, and a member of the Team will get back to you as early as possible.
Phoenix Rifle Club
                                                                                                         or go to the:        contacts page

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Alan one of the Clubs founder members 

Not to worry, the Rifle is safe and the camera was undameged.                                                                      




                                                                                                  Not so Good,

     Competetors from various clubs taking part in the Finals of the

     Bedfordshire summer long range postal leagues, at Thorn range                                                                                                        but, excellent from Andy